About Sherry

I’m Sherry Coleman Collins, a registered dietitian nutritionist passionate about making the delicious bite the nutritious bite.  My philosophy is based on the Four F’s: Food, Faith, Family, and Fun (not always in that order)!Sherry Coleman Collins

Food: I believe that there is healing power in real, whole food.  When we choose to make nourishing, nutrient-rich foods the center of our eating, there’s room to enjoy a little indulgence too!

Faith: I’m a Jesus follower and everything in my life goes through the filter of my faith.  I strive to align my life with Biblical teaching.  Loving others as myself and God above all else.

Family: As a wife, mother, and friend — and a recovering perfectionist, I’m totally relational.  I like few things more than quality time with other people, eye to eye, discussing the real issues of health and wellness.

Fun: Life is so so much fun!  Laughter is powerful medicine and contagious joy should be part of every single day.

Check out my LinkedIn page for details about my professional experiences as a registered dietitian nutritionist, speaker, spokesperson, and writer.

Nutrition is my professional passion.  Follow along with me as I help you make sense of the mess of nutrition information available…from food Allergies to Zucchini!

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