Citrus: Sunshine in Winter

I am not a fan of winter.  I’m like a tropical flower — I love it when the weather is 76 and up with a nice bit of humidity.  With that in mind, winter is just plain tough for me.  I also hate that my favorite fruits and vegetables are out of season…except citrus! It’s actually prime time for citrus fruits.  A squeeze of juice or grated zest adds an amazing brightness to almost any dish.  In particular, oranges are like a ray of sunshine.

Oranges GratedNot only that, when you eat the fruit, you get a substantial amount of fiber and 85% of your DV for vitamin C!  So grate a bit of zest and add it to your pilaf, add a squeeze of the juice to your guacamole, and section the fruit for your salad.  Need more inspiration? Check out these 10 best orange recipes from The Guardian.  It’s sure to bring a little sunshine to your winter blues too.

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