Garden 2015

Gardening is not something that I ever really thought I would do.  Especially vegetable gardening.  I have a really brown thumb with houseplants and I’m always over or under watering.  {Like right now, my big used-to-be beautiful fern is shedding its leaves everywhere and I can’t figure out if I’m over or under watering it.  Pitiful.}  BUT, I have found that I’m actually pretty good at growing vegetables.  It seems that if you put them in the ground in a spot where they get lots of sun and you get plenty of rain during the season, they just about grow themselves!  Last year, I was busy with a new baby and there was just no time for gardening, but this year…I’m back in it.  A dear friend of mine who was a real farmer (the kind who actually grow food for your table and mine) was killed in a tragic accident.  This year’s garden is dedicated to him, Don Self a peanut farmer from Mississippi and a wonderful Christian father, husband and friend.


About 1/2 way through digging out my first raised bed. It’s about 8’x10′.

So…my garden is pretty awful at the moment.  From neglect and too many seasons with the same type of plants, the soil is all messed up with pests (grubs!) and disease (my last tomato plants had awful brown-spot).  First order of business is to dig up about 12-18 inches (based on Don’s recommendation to me last year) and replace it with new soil.  Oh, my garden is in raised beds by the way.  Then “get a soil sample” — I can’t tell you how many times Don told me to do that.  For now, I got one bed mostly dug up.  One more to go.

Garden isn’t easy in the beginning.  Much like other areas of health and wellness, gardening requires planning, sweat equity, and consistent attention. But the harvest is definitely worth it!

Once I get my soil straightened out, I’ll decide what to plant.  I believe growing your own fruits and/or vegetables can be a wonderful way to help eat healthy food.  After all, you can grow just what you like and you’ll never find produce any fresher than that which you just picked yourself!  Do you grow fruits and vegetables?  Any recommendations for what we should grow this season?!

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