Happy {Healthy} Halloween!

Happy Halloween, peeps!  I hope you’ve had a lovely week leading up to it.  If you’re like me, there have been no end to the temptations and treats.  I bought my first bag of candy for the trick-or-treaters three weeks ago and it’s been long gone and replaced more than once!  I did mention that I have a sweet tooth, right?

Since my little guy is only 2, we won’t do any trick-or-treating this year.  However, I know it’s ahead of us.  Meanwhile, we had some buddies over for a little Halloween themed play date.  We made fun little bats out of black paper plates, construction paper, and googly eyes.  Then we enjoyed healthy Halloween snacks!

I’ve seen several Pinterest posts that show fun bananas on a stick that look like little ghosts.  Most are covered with white chocolate, but I wanted to make a healthy treat, so I used Vanilla Skyr (Icelandic Yogurt).  I cut the bananas in half and covered each one with yogurt, tucked two mini-chocolate chips into the yogurt for eyes and then froze them for a few hours.  They were such a hit!  All the kids loved them and they’re definitely a treat I’ll make again – Halloween or not.

Frozen Yogurt Covered Banana Ghosts are simple and quick to make!

Frozen Yogurt Covered Banana Ghosts are simple and quick to make!

Caramel apples are a tradition for many people at this time of the year, but it just seems like a shame to cover a healthy fruit with candy.  Then I was at the market this week and saw beautiful little forrelle pears.  I could have certainly melted caramel and created a sweet treat, but I’m going healthy here!  Instead we rolled the lovely little pears in peanut butter and then dipped them in granola.  You could also dip in shredded coconut and even mini chocolate chips.  If you can’t find forelles, you can use small apples or slice apples and/or pears to dip.  Toss them with a little lemon or pineapple juice if they won’t be eaten immediately to keep from discoloring.

PB Granola Pears

Dip pears or apples in peanut butter, then roll in granola for a healthy treat!

Creating fun food at Halloween is a great way to help combat the lure of the candy.  Kids love interactive entertaining food.  These are a couple of fun and easy ideas.  Do you have any fun, healthy ideas for Halloween treats?

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