Healthy Gift Guide 2015

Christmas is such a fun time of the year.  It’s really about so much more than Santa and Christmas lights and parties.  It’s about The King of the Universe who came as a baby to live among us and

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Merry Christmas Season!

eventually to pay the ultimate price to make us right with God.  That’s the real story of Christmas, for sure.

Gift giving can be a wonderful way to say “I love you.”  There’ve been lots of times in my life when I wished that we could just dispense with the gifts and spend time together.  My love language is quality time – not gifts.  Yet gift giving is definitely here to stay, so what to do?  Make those gifts count!  Five favorite health gifts for the holidays:

  1. Fitness Trackers – We use Fitbit at my house.  I have the cheap one (with tons of changeable bands) and my hubs as the Charge, which also serves as a watch.  We both find them encouraging as we try to meet our 10k/day steps and 7 hours/night sleep.  I like the way it looks and wear it all the time.  It’s a fun way to help people be more cognizant of how much they move – or don’t move. Price = $80-120
  2. Menu Planning Services – So many people don’t eat healthy because they don’t know how to meal/menu plan.  Make it easy for them by buying them a subscription for menu services!  My buds at My Menu Pal have a solid program for helping families eat healthier faster and you can sign up for the year for $72 (5.99/month).  What a great gift!  Price = $5.99/month and up
  3. Fruit or Vegetables – Seriously.  A beautiful basket full of fruit and/or veggies is a wonderful
    Gift Basket

    I love this idea of a homemade fruit basket with some familiar and some exotic goodies!

    way to encourage people to eat healthfully.  I have sent and received the most wonderful treats from Edible Arrangements.  Why send flowers when you can send healthy food?  Price = $40 and up

  4. Exercise Gear – I am partial to GapFit and Athleta, but whatever your person likes.  A new pair of shoes, some awesome sweat-wicking socks in the stocking, thermal running pants, or slim ear muffs are all great gifts to help your friend or loved one keep active in winter.  If you’re worried about size, giftcards always fit!  Price = $15 and up
  5. Cooking Classes – I’m a huge believer that one of the main reasons people don’t cook healthy food is because they don’t have the skills they need.  One-on-one or group classes can go a long way to help people gain the skills and confidence they need!  Price = $65-250

AND…as a bonus, what about an appointment with your local registered dietitian nutritionist?  Personalized healthcare is so important and it’s absolutely true when it comes to nutrition.  While there are lots of general guidelines that apply to almost everyone, needs and risk vary greatly based on genetics, family history, lifestyle and a host of other factors. Meeting one-on-one with a registered dietitian nutritionist can make a huge difference.  In fact, this one might be the gift you should give yourself this year.

What’s your favorite healthy gift?  Anything healthy on your wish list this year?


  1. Great gift ideas. I have the FitBit Charge HR and love it. Thanks so much for including My Menu Pal in your list – menu planning revolutionized my life, which is why I’m so passionate about it and led to starting My Menu Pal with my biz partner.

    • Ann, I love your program and think it’s a great idea for families who need structure, ideas, and recipes to help take the “work” out of planning healthy menus. Much success to you and My Menu Pal in 2016!

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