My Favorite App for Simplifying Grocery Shopping

Do you like to grocery shop? Most people hate it. I actually kind of love to grocery shop. Really, I love to shop and I love food and when you put them together, well, I’m pretty freaking happy. Ha! But, left to myself, my weekly grocery shopping would be quite a fiasco and I’d never remember everything that I need or want for the week ahead. Fortunately, I’ve found an app that makes grocery shopping much easier and almost foolproof.

ListPro from Ilium Software, Inc. is a free app that you can download from the Apple Store. (I don’t know if it’s available for android, so if you’re an android user, comment below and let us know!) Here’s what it looks like when you open the app:

ListPro App

You can create many different kinds of lists. I mostly use the shopping list, but have used the others too and they’re all great. My favorite thing about this app is that it’s customizable, but it’s simple. When you click on Shopping, you get several different kinds of shopping lists:

shopping lists

There are instructions and an example list. You can create your own lists and you can see that I have several different lists. Because I’m lazy, I used the shopping list option to create my travel checklist too so they’re all in the same place – rather than using the app correctly. You do you. Don’t judge. Once you create your own grocery shopping list, it looks like this:

Grocery List

You can add an unlimited (it seems) number of items to the list and flag the items that you need. I started with a basic list the first time I went shopping and then just added new things each time my shopping dictated it. Now, after using this app for at least a year, I have a list with nearly a hundred items. These items can be sorted alphabetically by item name, category (such as produce, baking, etc.), or store where they’re purchased. Whenever I run out of something and again before each grocery shopping trip, I add to the list the things that I need.  Then:

my shopping list

I filter the list by only the items that I need to buy. Tada!!  Pretty great, right? It is a super handy tool that makes me much more effective when I shop at the store. I know what I need and don’t (usually) forget things, so it reduces my trips to the grocery store. That saves me money, because it reduces impulse purchases. So does the list, because it keeps me focused! You can also email the list to yourself, or to someone else if you delegate the shopping. The app probably does a bunch of other creative things and if you love lists like I do and have the time, you can figure it out. Be sure to let me know if you do!

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