New {to me} Cookbooks

I love cookbooks.  I mean, really.  Some people might think I have a problem, but really it’s a love affair.  I read them like some people read magazines, or romance novels.  They are full of inspiration from other people’s love of food and help me think outside the box.  I have lots of vintage cookbooks, including some that belonged to my grandmother and my husband’s grandmother.  But I also love modern classics and contemporary cookbooks and have a healthy selection of vegetarian collections.

My cookbook habit can be expensive.  And not everyone in our house is quite as enthusiastic over my fascination with them.  But when I find a deal, I just can’t resist.  I find that the local thrift shop is a great place to find all kinds of wonderful books!  I buy books for my toddler, which is awesome because it’s surprising how mFullSizeRenderuch board books can cost.  This week on one of our adventures, I discovered two great new cookbooks for less than $3 each.

The Healthy Hedonist is an inspiring cookbook by Myra Kornfeld, who also wrote The Voluptuous Vegan, which I totally love.  It’s full of ideas for eating a more plant-based diet, but it includes plenty of dishes for people who love meat. If you’re looking for inspiration for transitioning to a more vegetarian diet, this book is a good one to consider.

The Food52 Cookbook came from the wildly successful website.  The recipes were all designed by home cooks – though some definitely have professional training.  Even so, the recipes are all pretty straight-forward to prepare.  I’ve made a couple of recipes so far, but gleaned lots of inspiration.

For $6 I think I did pretty good!  Are you a cookbook nut too?  What’s your favorite?



  1. Try “Kitchen and Co.” by French and Grace. Also “Full of Flavor” by Maria Elia. Great photos and recipes. I get mine at the 1/2 price book store:) Thank for the suggestions.

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