On Becoming a Vegetable Lover

Some people say they hate vegetables.  I say they haven’t tried enough!  There are literally hundreds of different vegetables out there – including so many varieties you have never seen in your supermarket.  But within the standard supermarket, there are so many different types of veggies to taste that I cannot imagine someone would never find types they love.  DYK that potatoes come in a small purple variety? Cauliflower comes in orange, green, and purple – in addition to the standard white?  You can get at least seven different types of leafy greens at most markets – iceberg, romaine, spinach, arugula, kale, radicchio, and frisee, just to get you started.  There are dozens of tomatoes, winter and summer squashes, sweet corn and sweet peas to try.  How can anyone say they hate vegetables??!

Vegetables and Fruit

A rainbow of fruits and veggies!

Not only are there many, many varieties, preparation is also an essential component of our eating experience, right?  Take Brussels sprouts for instance…raw, it tastes a lot like cabbage and when it’s steamed it’s the same.  But when it’s roasted it gets this beautiful sweetness from the caramelization that happens at high heat.  Sliced thinly and sauteed with onion and garlic, you can also coax a wonderful mildness that is so, so good.  Every vegetable is going to taste a little different when it’s prepared differently.

Finally, temperature really impacts flavor too.  Cold, room temp, or warm/hot foods are going to actually taste slightly different.  Back to my Brussels sprouts – at room temperature, the flavor is quite subtle and much easier for someone who might not have an affinity for cruciferous vegetables.

Cruciferous Veggies

At room temp this Brussels sprout and cauliflower salad is mild and sweet!

What’s the point?  If you’re not eating enough vegetables, you are missing out.  Missing out, not just on deliciousness, but also on a host of incredibly powerful nutrients, fiber, and phytochemicals.  If your goal is optimal health, you need to eat vegetables.  Keep trying, tasting, and experimenting and I’m confident you will fall in love…at least with some of them!

Are you a veggie lover?  Hate ’em?  Share some of your favorites or tricks to help you choke them down. 😉

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