Priorities: Self-care

My most recent post (way back in September!) was about getting go of perfect.  In a book that I love, Fierce Conversations, the author says something like, “every conversation is really with myself and sometimes they involve other people.”  That post was as much to myself is to you.  I feel the same about this one.

Prioritizing is an ongoing and self-correcting behavior.  We – all of us – are always doing it.  And we’re always adjusting, right?

What are your top priorities?

For me, it’s something like this: Faith, Family, Self-care, Work, and Others.  Not always in that order.  But these are the things that matter to me.  The things that make all the difference in the world.  I heard someone describe balancing life like juggling glass balls – if you drop one, it shatters.  So it’s really important to be sure you know what ball(s) you’re willing to allow to drop.

With that in mind, this blog was one of the balls I was willing to drop for a busy several weeks. But I’m glad to be getting back to it. Sorry to have missed you while I was jetting around the country for work (sounds glamorous, but is really just exhausting!).

self-careFor many people, the thing they let fall is self-care. Anyone feeling me on that one? Self-care often feels for some like selfish behavior. But it’s absolutely not. Let me give you three good reasons to take care of yourself, especially when things get crazy:

  1. Self-care will make you more productive. Research proves that people who get enough sleep and eat regular meals and snacks are more productive than those who sleep less and who skip meals. Not getting enough sleep leads to lack of focus and forgetfulness, while low blood sugar can do the same. Taking time to exercise, even just a 10-15 minute brisk walk a day, also help increase focus and energy for the rest of the day.
  2. Self-care will keep you healthy. All of those things I just mentioned – eating well, adequate sleep, and exercise – help strengthen your immune system to stave off illness and fatigue! Fueling you body with the right nutrients and enough calories is an important part of maintaining a healthy body.
  3. Self-care will give you staying power. Add to the above drinking enough water and regular mental breaks and you’ll be able to keep “running on all cylinders” long after others wear out and call it quits. So for those of you like me, who maintain an overfull schedule, think of self-care as pit stopping to fuel up your engine.

Have I convinced you? Okay – one more, just in case you need it…practicing good self-care is a great way to model healthy behavior for your friends and family – especially your children. Don’t you want them to take care of themselves too?

That’s it for me today. I think I’ll go soak my aching feet and read a book. xo

P.S. How do you practice self-care in the midst of life’s busy times?

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