Am I Too Old For That?

Are there things that make you ask yourself, “Am I too old for that?” There are DEFINITELY things in my life that make me pause. Most of the time, those are things like certain clothing – is it too short/loud/trendy? Or maybe it’s some activity – am I too old to learn to play the piano? Maybe your “thing” isn’t this at all. I asked my friends on Facebook to share some of the things that make them ask this question and they delivered. Clothes, makeup, bar hopping, skydiving – or maybe it’s deeper  and you’re afraid you’re too old  to reinvent yourself or reach for that dream you’ve always had. So, Dee and I invited Lesley Baradel (you remember Lesley from episode 20, right?) back to the show to share her take on this question. The result is a hilarious show where we dive into the topic, laugh a lot, and come to some pretty empowering decisions.

Tune into this episode to giggle along with us if you’ve ever asked yourself this question. And if you’re one of the few who say, “Never!” you’ll love the show too. BTW, here’s the proof that Dee and I totally go for the things we mentioned on the show…

Here’s Dee in her stunning Beyoncé-show look. Can you believe how sexy she looks?! Definitely not too old, because that girl rocks it.

And here’s me in one of my summer rompers! Every time I put it on I think, is this too short? And usually, I wear it anyway. (BTW, My husband actually likes this one.) I’m not sure this one-piece short onsie was made with someone “my age” in mind, but I love it.

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