Yes they’re fake, my real ones tried to kill me!

According to estimates, 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. According to the CDC, not including some types of skin cancer, it’s the most common type of cancer for women and more than 40,000 women will die this year from their cancer. Breast cancer is scary for so many reasons.

The good news is survival rates are higher than ever and rising. Screening and awareness save lives. The guest on our latest show is an incredible survivor and shares her journey where everything that shouldn’t have happened happened, yet she is still standing – a bastion of hope for women struggling through the scariest of breast cancers. Lyndsey shares her unique situation, how to encourage your girlfriend(s) with cancer, and advice if you are diagnosed with cancer. Sherry also share some tips for prevention. Get your tissues, you’re going to need them.

Lyndsey Hayes

Lyndsey Hayes is a BRCA1 triple negative Metaplastic breast cancer survivor. She is married to her best friend since the 6thgrade, John. They have two daughters; Brooklyn (3) and Brianna (20 months). She has been with The Coca-Cola Company for six years working as a Senior Executive Assistant/Project Manager. Previously, she was an event planner in the hospitality industry for 12 years.  

Lyndsey is an Atlanta native and enjoys all things “southern” including Coca-Cola, Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia Bulldogs. Go Dawgs! In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, Orange Theory, and playing tennis. She is passionate about giving back- volunteering with Lighthouse Family retreats, being active at her church and sharing her story that intertwines Health and Faith to inspire others and give them Hope!

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