Beyond Yoga Pants: Yoga & Meditation

What do you think about when you think of yoga and meditation? Is it foreign to you or is it familiar? For some people, yoga and meditation conjures up images of people in far-away places, chanting and burning incense. Yet for others, the image is of a svelte 20-something dressed in extremely form-fitting leggings and a crop top. Either way, it may seem really unattainable to most people. While both of those images are certainly two of the faces of yoga, there are so many things in between. As a 40-something woman, I love that yoga really is something that anyone can enjoy and benefit from, if they want. And meditation is something that can help young children learn to focus, individuals with pain learn to cope, and those with high blood pressure bring it down. I’m a believer in the health-boosting power of both yoga and meditation.

In this episode of The Southern Fried Girlfriends Podcast, Caroline Young, a dear girlfriend joined us for a primer on yoga and meditation. She shared with us some ideas for how and why you may want to start a practice – and addressed some common misconceptions people have about both. Dee and I also shared how we’ve seen yoga and meditation have positive impacts on our health.

Caroline is an Atlanta-based registered dietitian nutritionist, nutrition writer and certified yoga instructor. Caroline has taught yoga since 2011 in various studios around Atlanta. Currently, she teaches a monthly class for people in recovery from heroin addictions at a recovery community center, and is beginning to take private clients. She works in nutrition communications for the National Peanut Board and as a freelance writer for various outlets (including her own blog, Caroline also counsels clients with disordered eating at an alcohol and narcotics recovery center. She’s starting a (mostly) virtual practice this spring, combining nutrition counseling, yoga, breathwork, meditation and other self-care techniques, for anyone struggling with disordered eating or chronic dieting.

One of my favorite things about yoga is that it’s something I can do anywhere and with minimal equipment. It’s perfect for travel and for a busy lifestyle – hello, Motherhood! There’s a ton of yoga on and, in the show, Caroline gives some tips to weeding through those that might be best to consider. To get started, here are some items you may want to purchase and round up. A mat. Maybe some pillows and blankets. That’s it to start! If you want to get fancy or add a few things to help, Caroline recommends a strap and some blocks, and bolsters.

While we didn’t have time to talk about every possible aspect of yoga and meditation, I hope you’ll find the show helpful and encouraging. Take time to explore whether or not this is something you want to add to your healthy lifestyle.

Some resources and references from the show include:

  • Apps:
    • Headspace Meditation:
    • Pocket Yoga
  • a subscription-based yoga and meditation website (first 30 days free!)
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