Dads Matter: An Interview with My Baby Daddy

It’s almost Father’s Day. To celebrate, we invited one of our favorite fathers to be the first guy-friend on the Southern Fried Girlfriends podcast – my Baby Daddy! Seriously, my husband Chad is one of the sweetest fathers I’ve ever seen. I know that I’m absolutely biased, but he really is. He’s sincere and hardworking, honest and humble. So, we invited him to pull up a microphone and share with us some of his thoughts on fatherhood. I think you’ll love hearing what he thinks are the fun and fearful things about being a daddy, as well as the things he longs to pass on to our son. I’ll warn you – I gush a little. I can’t help it! I am pretty crazy about this guy and I think you will be too.

Chad Collins is a BBQ loving, cookie eating, Jeep driving, DIY dude. He is a skilled camper and can “kill” (aka get takeout) dinner in 20 minutes or less when I’m at my wit’s end. An über talented IT professional by day, he’s obsessed with Motor Monday and staying up way too late by night. Last, but definitely not least, he’s a dedicated, loving husband and devoted daddy.


Happy Father’s Day to all the dudes that listen to our show! We sure are happy that you tune in to listen and we hope that this first show with a male makes you all proud. It sure made me proud. xo

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