The Power of Gratitude

There are a few habits I have that have changed my life. When I talk about gratitude, that is absolutely the truth of the matter. Learning to feel and express gratitude has made me a more pleasant, joyful, kind person (not that I’m always those things – AT ALL, but more than I used to be). Becoming grateful has changed my relationships, because it has changed my attitude. And even on days that have been just plain awful, there was still always something to be grateful for – even if it was only the shoes on my feet.

I’m grateful that Clyde tolerates both this adorable coat and my baby talk. Ha!

In our latest podcast, Dee and I compare notes about how we use different approaches the practicing gratitude in our daily lives. We hope that you will find the ideas encouraging and useful. In fact, we hope it changes your life too.

Also, it’s Thanksgiving week as I write this, which makes this post and episode so very appropriate. I’m grateful for you. Whoever you are reading this post, listening to our podcast (I hope!), and considering how you can spread more love into the world by being a little more grateful – I’m grateful for you.

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