What Motivates You?

I like to use some of my weekend time to reflect on the previous week and to plan for the coming week.  This week, I worked on adding some inspiration to my office and one of the quotes I posted is “What motivates you TODAY?”  I think this is a great question to ask each day and I’m working on the answer.  Sometimes the answer is the same – I have some specific motivating thoughts, desires, and goals, like “to do work I’m proud of” and “to leave a healthy legacy”.  But sometimes I need a little more.  And I’m working on that answer.  When I dig deep, the answers are also deep.  I want to serve God with all my heart – which is scary and exciting.  I want to make a difference for Him.  How to do that in all areas of my life can be a big question, but not less important.


Great quote via this site.

What about you?  Whether work, personal, family, relationships…What motivates you?

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