Why Southern Fried?


Photo credit: Johnny Walker Photography, Marietta, GA

You may be asking yourself, “what’s up with the name?”  I know it might not seem a likely name at first…I mean, dietitians aren’t exactly pro-fried foods!  Hang with me and let me give you the back story.  See, I’m from the south.  We fry everything.  Well, southerners are known for frying everything.  I don’t fry much of anything.  Yet, Southern Fried is a nod to my roots.  A way to acknowledge the lovingly prepared meals that I grew up enjoying.  Many were fried.  Most were prepared carefully by hands who took pride in providing delicious meals for our family.

Southern Fried is also a double entendre.  Not only a bit of love to the south, but also the phrase that perfectly reflects what I can be like.  As in a hot mess…under that perfectly plastered smile is a woman who sometimes runs herself ragged.  Part of being southern is being well csouthern-fried-logooifed, elegantly styled, and totally pulled together.  We don’t complain – much.  Southern women are known for being soft as satin with nerves of steel.  And as for me, doing it all — with a smile — can leave me totally fried…Southern Fried!  You too?!  Bless our hearts.

Well, there you have it…the birth of Southern Fried Nutrition!  Visit my About page for more on my nutrition philosophy and services.  Meanwhile, subscribe to the feed here, connect with me on Twitter and Facebook.  Pull up a chair, pour yourself a glass of tea (sweet, if you must) and I’ll do my best to share a few tips to help us both be a little less “fried”.  We southerners also love to visit, so I invite you to enter into conversation with me here or via my other social media avenues.  It’s not quite like sitting on the porch swing, but it’ll do.  Thanks for stopping by!

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