Every Picture Tells a Story

When I was a little girl, my mother was a photographer. She took lots of pictures of me and my friends and our family. Now, I some treasured photos because she did that – including photos of her. I’ve also developed a love of photos and attribute so much of it to her.

Do you like photos? Value pictures of your children or your other family and friends?Are you mostly behind the camera? Or only occasionally peeking around on the side for a selfie?

Photos capture moments in time that we’ll never be able to hold again, except for in those pictures. They capture us at our best, sometimes not so best, and as we are doing life each day. Sometimes they capture the very fist moments of someone’s life – or the last. Professional photos can become family heirlooms, while candid shots tell the “rest of the story”. But, in reality, there’s always so much more than any one picture can tell.

On this latest episode, we welcomed an expert on this subject (and on a lot more as it turns out), Paige Brigman. Paige is a photographer and mom of 3 kiddos 13, 11, 8, She’s also a Martial Artist & Certified Taekwondo Instructor. She’s always been athletic and played soccer in college.  She enjoys making others feel good about themselves through photography, interpersonal relationships, and encouragement in areas of health through Taekwondo or other fitness outlets.  She’s an optimist and encourager. You can find Paige at https://onelovephotography.zenfolio.com and on Facebook and Instagram.

She’s funny, brave, passionate, compassionate. And you’re going to love the story she shares about her daughter’s struggle and the way she persevered! I think you’ll love getting to know her in this episode and be encouraged to try something new – and probably get out from behind your (cellphone) camera too.

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