Greek Yogurt Sundae

Do you have a sweet tooth?  Me too!  I have really good willpower, but I definitely over-indulged at the holidays.  Trying to get back on track is tough. I’d gotten used to the cookies, fudge, and ice cream we had around the house.  Most of that is now gone and I’m resisting the urge to replace it with more of the same.  But I still want something sweet  My chocolate cherry peanut butter chia energy bites are a great go-to sweet treat to keep on hand.  But they don’t replace ice cream…but this might!  Half cup plain Greek yogurt, topped with a tsp semi-sweet chocolate chips and sprinkle each of cocao nibs and sweet shredded coconut, plus a drizzle of blackstrap molasses.

Greek Yogurt Sundae

The “magic” of this treat is that it’s high in protein from the Greek yogurt so it’s really satisfying.  And it has the sweet from the coconut and the chocolate, and richness from the molasses.  But it doesn’t break the {calorie} bank!    Half a handful of peanuts would also be fantastic in this.

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