Happy Healthy New Year!

Happy Healthy New Year to you!  If you’re reading this, you are either my friend or relative (thank you)…or you are truly interested in living a healthier life this year than you did last year.  Did you set a resolution? Have you done that before? Was it some iteration of the same resolution you set this year? Exercise more.  Eat less sugar.  Eat more vegetables.  Lose that weight.  Get moving. Eating is simple, right? Eating well can be simple too, but it’s not always simple for everyone, every day, in every season of life.


A RDN can help you bring together the many components of optimal health.

Why not resolve to do something differently this year? 

I hope that this blog will provide you with regular encouragement, ideas, and resources to help you do that, but it won’t be enough.   In addition to educating and inspiring yourself via reliable, evidence-based sources, I encourage you to make a new resolution.  {BTW, There are lots of other great experts blogging about healthy food too.  Check out the list at Nutrition Blog Network.}

Partner with a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) in your area. 

Think about it… the best athletes in the world have coaches.  They are the BEST at whatever they do, but they still invest in a coach to help them be even better.  Beginner T-ball players, amateur athletes and executives all have coaches.  There’s no substitute for having a one-to-one relationship with your own RDN. The right RDN will be an amazing coach, cheerleader, and teacher for you.  The value you receive from the invest in partnering with a RDN will bring returns for a healthier life with more vitality and energy!  Contact me if you’re in the Atlanta area, or visit the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Find a Dietitian feature to locate someone where you live.

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