Hope for the Heartbroken

This has been a tough two weeks.  I lost a dear friend to depression on May 31 and the loss has left a big ol’ hole in my heart.  Her soul crushing depression became too much for her to handle and she was finally overcome.  Coming to terms with it has been a process.  I’m still in the midst, I suppose.  I wish I could talk to her again.  I wish I could remind her that feelings aren’t facts.  There is a God in heaven who knows her name, who comes when she calls, who longs to remind her that she is more than she knows.  Since she isn’t here, I want to remind you.  You are precious.  In particular if you are heartbroken, know that the God of the Universe wants to comfort you.  There is hope when our hearts are broken.  His name is Jesus.  I know my friend is at peace and with Him, but I also wish she could have had more peace here on this earth.  If you are suffering, know that God is near and He wants to comfort you.


Photo by Deborah Evans


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