Pressing Pause with Jill Johns

How busy do we have to get before we press pause on a life that’s running us? The truth is that many of us feel overwhelmed by the pace of our life. We sacrifice self-care to care for others, climb the corporate ladder, and to keep up with the Joneses. For Jill Johns it took losing her job and getting diagnosed with breast cancer. Because of her situation, she was forced to stop striving and start listening…to her body. Now she’s on a mission and she joined us on the podcast to tell us all about it.

Jill Johns spent 15 years putting everyone else’s needs ahead of her own. No more. Now Jill, a recovering corporate executive, breast cancer survivor, and mother of four, leads an energetic and satisfying life by design. She empowers other burnt-out and stressed-out women to do the same by creating a personalized, fully-integrated self-care practice. She is the co-host of The Pause Button 2.0 podcast; a breast cancer patient navigator; the owner/founder of Space To Thrive (a mindfulness resource and retreat center); and an effervescent motivational speaker. You can watch her TEDx talk at

This was our FIRST phone interview for the show, so bare with us as we work to improve future audio using the technology available. (Also, I’ll try not to say, “I love it” 462 times in our next episode.) Even with the tech issues, we felt like this is an episode that is so necessary for us in light of how we live our (BUSY) lives. We hope you enjoy it!

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