Ever have a conversation with your girlfriend that was sooo good you wish had been recorded? Think those conversations would be great to be able to share? Wondering if there’s support or research for the recommendations your “smart girlfriends” give about mental, spiritual and physical health? This podcast was born to answer those kinds of questions.

I’d actually been noodling the idea of starting a podcast for a while. I got hooked on listening myself about a year or 18 months ago and I kept thinking, “I bet this would be so fun!” And then one day, I was standing around the water cooler (seriously) with a bunch of gorgeous, smart, professional women talking about life and health and nutrition and…well, poop…and it was just great. The topics were varied and interesting and everyone was laughing and engaged. And these smart women were asking so many great questions – some of which were rooted in misinformation and strange recommendations they’d found on the inter webs. It was fun to help unravel some of that with them. I kept thinking, “other people would love to hear this.” Then, the idea was born. The beautiful woman to my right in the picture above was in on that conversation and my wheels were just turning. She’s a great conversationalist, interesting, and interested. And she’s been on a journey herself to better health for quite a while. I knew people would love to hear her voice. So, I asked her to be my {podcast} girlfriend. But I don’t want to tell her story. Here’s a little intro from my girlfriend, Dee Wilson…

[D.Wilson] I’m thrilled to be working with Sherry on this project!  I’m not a talker by nature, but I’m curious about almost everything, so I’m excited to explore topics related to overall wellness with Sherry and with you!  About a year ago, my mother, who had been diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s, began declining physically at a more rapid pace than in the early years of her diagnosis.  Watching my mother transition shifted the way I thought about my own mortality and I decided to 1. get healthier (which meant eating better and moving in ways that made my body feel good) and 2. live (which meant taking risks, trying new things and dreaming again.) I did a lot of health-related research on the interwebs and youtubes and got really frustrated trying to validate the information I found.  Some is bro-science at best and dangerous at worst, but it all sounds so real!  I’m so thankful to have a professional dietitian like Sherry in my life to answer some of my questions with real, verifiable information and research.  As for #2 living, here I am, talking out loud on a podcast, shaky knees, sweaty pits and all.

Don’t y’all love Dee?! Here’s the thing. Dee is the real deal. What you see is what you get. She’s authentic and lovable. I’m super happy to be doing this thing with my girlfriend, Dee Wilson! So…what are you waiting for? Click below and give The Southern Fried Girlfriends Podcast a listen. xo

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