Triple Layer Mini-Popsicles (Sponsored)

This is a sponsored post that I wrote for Produce Bites, the consumer education arm of the Georgia Fruit and Vegetable Growers Association. While they compensated me for the post, I created the recipe and all comments are completely my own honest thoughts and opinions. Now…celebrate with #fruitsveggiesandfreedom!

It is just about my favorite time of the whole year, y’all! Summertime is prime time for fresh fruits and veggies. My garden is bursting with ridiculously large zucchini, perfectly ripe tomatoes, and the hottest jalapenos this side of Texas! You can bet we’re eating our veggies around here. So when my friends at Produce Bites invited me to help them promote Georgia grown fruits and veggies for the 4th of July holiday weekend…how could I say no?!

Serving Mini-Popsicles

Add these mini popsicles to your July 4th celebration this weekend!

I don’t know about where you are, but around here it’s H-O-T! Like nearly a hundred {bazillion} degrees. Okay, not really, but getting close. When the humidity and temperature starts to rise, I am ready for some watermelon! A chunk of sweet, juicy Georgia grown watermelon is absolutely heaven and the perfect thing to help beat the summertime heat. And did you know that watermelon is also super nutritious AND low calorie too? Seriously, you can eat almost 2 cups and still be well under 100 calories, while slurping up more than 1/3 of your daily vitamin C and vitamin A needs.  It’s mostly water (water+melon), which makes it the perfect food for staying hydrated in the inferno we call summer in the south.

tasty mini popscicle recipe

These tiny, tasty mini popsicles hit the spot for kids and adults!

Since we’re about to have the 4th of July holiday, I made you these theme-worthy mini-popsicles. Let me be honest, I really made them for my toddler. He loooooves popsicles. In fact, I can freeze almost anything in popsicle form and he will eat it! These were an incredible hit. He devoured them! And I don’t even have to feel one bit guilty that my son got to eat one (or three) of these for breakfast. The Greek yogurt boosts the nutrition by adding protein and probiotics (good gut bacteria), while the blueberries add even more vitamin C plus fiber. Even though these have a little honey to sweeten, I don’t think they’re overly sweet. You can adjust to your tastes or even leave it out if you like. These are a super treat and perfect for your 4th of July celebrations. Be sure to add the ingredients for these to your grocery list and look for Georgia grown!

By the way, I used a large silicone ice cube mold for these mini-pops. Festive red, white, and blue straws that I cut into thirds for my “sticks” work perfectly for little hands like my toddler’s! You could use any sort of stick that works for you, including wooden popsicle sticks, toothpicks, and even bamboo skewers. This recipe also translates perfectly for other ripe Georgia grown fruits. Next time around I’m going to try them with peaches and blackberries!

Happy Independence Day, y’all! Thank God for our freedom…and for our farmers.

For the full recipe, head on over to the Produce Bites website at and get more great seasonal Georgia Grown recipes, head on over to the Produce Bites website at and follow #fruitsveggiesandfreedom for more ideas for your holiday menu.

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