The past several days I spent running from session to session, moderating amazing speakers, being totally overstimulated by exhibitors of all types, hugging friends who live near and others I’d never before met.  It was exhilarating and exhausting.  The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetic’s Food & Nutrition Conference and Expo is always my favorite professional event of the year.  And for 2014…it was in my hometown!  Although the days are too long, I always leave energized, refreshed and renewed in my passion for nutrition and my career.  Here are a few of my fave highlights from the event.

Met Hugh Acheson and had dinner with an amazing group of registered dietitian nutritionists — true superstars in my profession!  I can’t say if I was more excited about meeting them or Hugh.  I wanted to get a pic with everyone, but I was afraid that would be way too dorky.  Now I wish I’d just been a dork.


Moderated an amazing panel of social media experts from across the country.  These gals are movers and shakers in the nutrition world and I was super excited that they were keen on sharing their experiences when I pitched the idea for the session (totally self-serving, because I wanted to learn their secrets!).  They did not disappoint and, as I expected, I learned A TON!


And I got to see so many friends from across the country…AND meet some folks I had never met IRL before.  There are a bunch of other pics that I’m not posting here.  They’re all on Twitter!  The main thing.  FNCE was…So. Much. Fun.






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