A Hot Toddie for My Cold

Ugh!  I’ve been down for the count for the last several days because of a nasty cold.  At first, I thought it might be a touch of spring allergies, but definitely not.  I have a cold.  A real one.  And it stinks.  So, I’ve totally dropped off and have been taking great pains to try to recover.

Since I’ve had this nasty cold, I’ve been drinking a lot of this…

Hot Toddie-ish

Herbal tea with honey and lemon.  Herbal teas, without caffeine are warm and soothing to my sore throat.  Drinking them has helped me stay hydrated (in addition to plenty of water), and also helped thin the mucous making me so contested (TMI?).  Honey has natural antimicrobial properties and has long been used to help support health during illness, while lemon is a good source of vitamin C.  Here in the south, it’s not uncommon to add a shot of bourbon to this concoction to help induce sleep too.

What home remedy to you rely on when you have a cold?

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  1. Marilyn Wright Yon, MS, RD, LD

    I drink something similar when I have cold (thankfully rare), scratchy throat or flaming allergies. I use just hot water sometimes with the add ins or even regular tea. I throw in pieces of ginger (fresh or crystallized) and if throat is bad enough or have a cough I will put in a shot of brandy. I hope your cold leaves you fast.

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