Better Green for St. Patty’s Day


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For St. Patty’s Day it’s traditional to wear, eat and drink green, right?!  Wear whatever you want and enjoy a glass of that green beer for me, but when it comes to eats, I hope you’ll choose some naturally green foods as part of your fare.  Here are a few to get you started and reasons I hope will convince you to give them a try:

  • Kale – oh, kale, the beloved most popular green veggie ever…are you past your prime? Passe?  Not in my book!  While some of the hype about kale may have passed, it is no less of a powerhouse of veggie goodness.  Kale is high in fiber, providing a whopping 133% vitamin A and 134% vitamin C daily needs.  It is also a good source of potassium.  Braise kale in a little olive oil with garlic, salt and pepper and it’s a quick and simple side dish or finely chop and toss into soup for added heartiness.  It’s also perfect for blending into smoothies, but be sure to blend well or this tough green will leave you chewing your smoothie instead of sipping.
  • Cabbage – while not quite the nutritional bazooka of kale, cabbage is still a strong ally for fighting cancer.  A

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    member of the cruciferous vegetable family (like all of these foods), it contains potent anti-cancer nutrients including sulforaphane (learn more here).  Cabbage is delicious stewed or braised.  It’s also wonderful for stuffing with a mix of ground turkey, brown rice, and spices.

  • Broccoli – “Eat your broccoli.”  I bet your mom said that to you over the dinner table when you were a kiddo.  She was right!  As usual, right?  Seriously, broccoli is packed with vitamin C (220% DV), vitamin A, magnesium, B-6, and is also a good vegetable source of iron and calcium.  I love broccoli roasted with a little olive oil and garlic (garlic makes everything taste better, right?) or stir-fried with chicken or tofu and peanut sauce.

In our house, we make one or more of these simple, inexpensive, nutritional powerhouses part of our meals every week.  As you celebrate St. Patty’s Day, do something good for your body and enjoy a hearty, healthy, naturally green food.

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