Weekend Meditation: Resolution Solutions

By this time in January, two weeks in, many people have all but given up on their new year’s resolution.  By the end of the month and mid-February, many folks who were so committed on January 1 throw up their hands in frustration and walk away from their attempt to change.  Can I offer you some words of encouragement?

WorthYourAttentionTo begin, you did not likely get wherever you are now overnight.  It probably took more than two weeks and may have taken more than a few months to be overweight/in debt/disconnected/discouraged.  Just like these challenges, change doesn’t happen overnight.  It doesn’t happen quickly. Change is this elusive, yet an always happening force in our lives.  It’s like a stream that’s moving and sometimes it’s like we’re trying to hold the water back.

The fact is that you will likely have many speed bumps along the way to your goals.  There will be currents working against you in some ways.  You will have to make hard choices, do things you don’t want to do, and find the courage to get up and try again.  You will not be successful every day.  But if you keep trying, you will be successful some days.  String together enough successful days and you will achieve the change you desire.  It may happen slowly.  You may not even realize it when it starts.  But it will happen.

If you have fallen off your resolution, may I offer a solution? Toss it in the trash.  Begin again with a goal instead.  Establish some tasks to help you achieve your goal in incremental ways, along with some measurable markers to know you’re on your way.  Get some help – a registered dietitian, a trainer, a workout buddy, take a class, find a financial counselor, visit a support group, and go to church.  Do whatever it takes.

As a very wise person once said to me, “Your Life is Worthy of Your Attention.”  The beauty around us reminds us to pay attention – to God, to the world and to ourselves.  Make this day count.  Let go of perfection.  Take hold of resiliency and keep on trying.  I’m rooting for you (for us).

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