What’s New in Your New Year?

There’s an old saying that I love: Crazy is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  And another like it says: If nothing changes, nothing changes.  Both are completely true.

It’s the LAST day of 2015…Are you the type to set new year’s resolutions?  Do you make big plans for how things are going to be different this year, but then fail to get the results you’re after?  What’s holding you back?  Are you guilty of doing the same thing, year after year, expecting different results?


Perhaps you can’t figure out where that 10, 20, 3o pounds came from!

For 2016, bring something new into your year to help make this year truly new.  I don’t know what you’re struggling with today.  It could be feeling overloaded and overwhelmed, maybe your weight isn’t where you want it, perhaps you’re managing a chronic illness, or struggling to have the energy you need to live a life full of vitality.  Maybe you’re finding yourself overwhelmed with feeding a family full of picky eaters or meeting the needs of someone (maybe it’s you) with special dietary needs, such as allergies.  Perhaps you can’t figure out where that 10, 20, 3o pounds came from!  If any of this describes you, it’s time to do something different – to do something new.

My best recommendation for meeting your nutrition related needs is to find a registered dietitian nutritionist in you area.  You can do that here.  If you’re in the Atlanta area, I’d love to work with you to meet your goals!  Contact me today to schedule an appointment.  Having an ongoing relationship with a qualified RDN is the key to successful, long-term dietary change.  Behavior change is not a quick fix and takes more than a one time visit.  It probably took you years to get to where you are now and will take some time and effort to make lasting change.

When I work with a client, I take them through a series of questions to look at their history and ask lots of questions.  Where have they been most happy with their health and weight?  What worked before?  What didn’t work?  What are the true barriers to their success? Sometimes barriers are real, like time and skill limitations.  Sometimes they are perceived, but not real barriers, such as money – you can eat really healthy on a very limited budget.  Really!  (Trick is…you have to cook.)

Setting goals is essential.

If reaching your goals hasn’t worked before, maybe you need to try something new!

Then, we work toward goal setting and practical ways to achieve success.  Again, we’ll work through some questions, though this isn’t always structured.  What skills or tools do you need to be successful?  Do you need to learn some basic cooking skills, practice menu planning, or buy some good basic tools for healthy cooking.  How can I best support your goals?  Do you need menu planning or accountability – or both?!  By creating a plan, my clients can begin to work toward their health goals.  Step-by-step, they make progress.  And before you know it, something new begins to happen.

Finally, I recommend regular reassessment and adjustments if needed.  Goal setting for health is an evolutionary process.  Small achievements are actually a big deal.  Having more energy can’t necessarily be measured objectively, but it’s a huge improvement, right?!  Working with an expert can help you move from here to there…it can be the difference in achieving something truly new.  Isn’t that exciting?  Happy New Year, friends!

Ask Yourself: What NEW thing do I need to do this year to move toward the health that you want?

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