Why It’s Worth The Effort

Feeding my family nutritious food from scratch sometimes feels like a part-time job.  I’m lucky, because I love to cook.  Time in the kitchen is relaxing and worthwhile for me, as I find it relaxing and enjoyable.  I know, not everyone feels this way!  But trust me, it’s worth it.

It’s worth it because I’m helping protect my husband’s health by feeding him lots of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains…which I know he doesn’t eat when he’s away from home.  A diet high in these foods, with adequate fiber, can help protect him from prostate and colon cancers, in addition to cardiovascular disease.  We love him and we need MyBoyshim.  I want him to be as healthy as he can be.

It’s worth it because I’m helping ensure that my son is getting all of the nutrients he needs for his growing body.  Vitamins C and A to help heal his eczema and support his immune system.  Calcium and vitamin D for strong bones.  Iron and omega-3 fatty acids for his developing brain.  I’m teaching him to love food and to like many different flavors, textures, and cultures.

It’s worth it because if I’m not healthy then who will take care of them both?  I cook so that I can eat well and be healthy and happy myself.  So that I can fulfill whatever purpose God has for me in this life.

Cooking as many meals as possible myself saves our family money, so we can do better things with our resources — both blessing our own family and others.  I don’t mean I never use shortcuts or certain processed food items (for instance, I don’t always make my own yogurt, breads, or pasta…or peanut butter, mustard, or raisins for that matter) to help make the work easier.  However, whenever possible, I choose whole, minimally processed foods to make meals that we eat together.

It’s a sacrifice.  I could watch TV (or facebook) instead.  I could work more.  I could nap (seriously!).  But it’s worth the time because the investments I’m making today will pay off in the long run in a healthier, happier, more fulfilled family.  It’s what I believe and it’s why I do what I do.  Be encouraged if you find yourself asking if it’s worth it.  It is.

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