Don’t Give Up

Keep going!

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Funny how you can come across something at just the right time.  You know what I mean?  I’ve been working on getting more organized…which, if you know me, is quite a feat.  I’m a big picture person and I get bogged down by too much detail.  I also have a tendency to want to do everything and get side-tracked easily.  I don’t have ADD, but I might be close.  It would be easy to decide that it’s not worth the effort and just say “this is how I am”.  But the truth is that it’s not the way I want to stay.  I want to be better organized.  I want to have a little more margin and I know that with more of a plan and a little more attention to staying organized as I go, I could reclaim time during the week.  Maybe hours!  Bit it won’t happen over night.  Do you have something that you’re working on?  Do you feel discouraged?  Like you’re never going to change?  Hang on to the quote above.  It’s true.  Life change happens just a little at a time.  One day.  One meal.  One payment. You can do it.

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