When I was in my 20’s, I took a whirlwind trip through Europe – 4 countries in 10 days.  It was amazing.  I loved every city we visited, but especially Paris.  The people were delightful and the food was wonderful.  There was a relaxed air about the people and the architecture was amazing.  The blending of old and new was intoxicating as I and my group stayed out hours too late drinking coffee and wine in a cafe until the wee hours of the morning.

At the time, I was young and inexperienced in the world.  I drank too much and slept too little.  Life has changed a lot!  Yet, I have longed to go back and see the city again.  To see the Louvre and actually have more than a few hours to spend there.  I want to see Notre Dame when it isn’t under renovation, as it was when I was there, and pray in that cathedral (something I never would have done then).  This week’s tragedy there is heartbreaking.  I’m praying for the people of Paris and for our world.  God is bigger than terrorism.  He hears our prayers.  #PrayforParis


Me in Paris in about 1998, I think.

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