Consider the Side Effects

As I was watching a little TV with my sweetheart this weekend, I saw several commercials for pharmaceuticals.  They were for a variety of conditions from acne to diabetic nerve pain to insomnia.  Along with the commercials was a long list of potential side effects.  Side effects which were as scary to me as the conditions they claimed to treat.  Did you know that there are estimated to be 80 drug commercials on TV every hour, every day in America (source)?  There’s big money to be made in encouraging consumers to choose medications first.


Nutrition is an essential part of my “Keys to Optimal Health”!

Sometimes medications are necessary.  They can save lives, change lives, and improve the quality of lives.  In certain situations, I’ll be the first to say, give me the meds.  However, when it comes to chronic diseases of lifestyle (like overweight and obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar), medications aren’t always the best choice — and often they shouldn’t be the first course of action.  They can carry risks that should be carefully considered.

Carefully planned and improved nutrition, however, has no negative side effects!  AND tons of positive side effects.  To begin with, eating right results in more and better energy, so you can accomplish more of the things you want and live with vitality.  A well-planned diet can help you have clearer, healthier and radiant skin and hair.  Nutritious, healthy eating, as compared to the SAD (standard American diet), almost always results in weight loss, even without a lot of additional exercise.  These benefits aren’t just for you — they will impact your whole family when you eat better together.  The side effects of healthy eating are all truly benefits.


Good nutrition isn’t just good for you…it can taste amazing too!

Research has shown that properly implemented nutrition intervention is an effective treatment for many conditions that are usually treated with drugs instead.

Need another reason to start with a change in diet before popping a pill?  It might save you money.  The cost for nutrition counseling and even a little more at the grocery story will probably add up to much less than you will spend on medications over time.  Whatever your condition, whether high blood pressure, insomnia, or skin issues, good nutrition can make all the difference.  Think about what it’s worth to you to feel better, live healthier, and to make that a family value…and schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian nutritionist to help make it a reality today.  Contact me or Find an Expert near you!

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