Grateful For Every Breath

Imagine having a chronic illness that has the potential to shorten your life. Maybe you’re reading this and you already do. The reality is, as Dee mentions on our latest show, none of us know how much time we have. Would a diagnosis change your attitude? Would it make you more grateful? Would you laugh more? Let people in more? Be more honest with yourself and others? Would you live more authentically?

These questions aren’t just hypothetical for our latest guest on the podcast – and they shouldn’t be for us either. She talked a lot about her “expiration date” (which she has now stopped tracking), but we all have an expiration date that we just don’t know. Yet, she approaches her life with a sense of joy, expectation, and adventure that I think many people lack. She was an inspiration to me and I know she will be to you too. Be sure to listen to this episode, friends. You will be so encouraged.

As an adult living with Cystic Fibrosis, Lisa Agostoni redefines ‘normal’ everyday. Like many CF warriors, she’s outliving the ‘expiration date’ doctors gave her parents when she was a child, and inspires others to never give up. She credits mental and physical wellbeing to gratitude, humor and the love of family and friends.   Lisa’s an online marketing director; a certified yoga instructor; and an advocate for practical wellness. She’s also an unapologetic true crime and chocolate addict. Lisa lives in Atlanta with her chihuahua-spaniel mix Zoey. Follow Lisa on Instagram.

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