Letting Go of Perfect

I meet so many women who are focused on being perfect.  It’s kind of exhausting to be around.  They’re working so hard to control every aspect of their lives.  Thinking they can control all of the outcomes…if they’re just perfect enough.  Whether it’s raising a perfect kid – no sugar, all organic, the “right” school, team, friends, grades, honors, etc.,; achieving the perfect number on the scale – exercising and clean eating obsessively; creating the perfect, magazine-ready home; or landing the perfect account, job, or husband; there’s this insanity to it.

To be honest…I’ve been there.  I’ve been crazy about being perfect.  I so don’t want that in my life anymore.  So here’s a news flash – it’ll be no surprise to most of you.  I’m not perfect.  You’re not either.  Let’s stop trying to be perfect.  Or to convince others that we’re perfect, okay?  How about we just be honest and admit that we’re all a little bent, dented, bruised.  Not one of us is escaping this life without some road rash.  That’s the way it is.  We make mistakes.  We blow it.  Sometimes on accident – sometimes by choice.  The point is to keep trying.  To be real.  Honest.  Authentic.  Start with yourself.  Then with God…He already knows anyway.  Finally, share your struggle with perfection with a trusted friend or loved one.  Begin to get real about who you are and what’s going on.


Perfection is only found in one place.

One of my favorite sayings is, “We’re only as sick as our secrets.”  I’m sorry to be the one to tell you, friend, but your imperfections aren’t a surprise to the people closest to you – most of all to God.  And He loves you anyway.  In fact, He wants you to have freedom from the illusion of control.  He wants you to give that burden to Him and allow Him to use your life for His glory.  Your weaknesses, messiness, brokenness, and pain is just the thing He needs to create a testimony through His power and redeeming grace.  To show the world that He can redeem them too.  Y’all…That’s perfection. xo



  1. I resemble these remarks! 🙂

    What has helped me let go of the need to be perfect has been the saying, “how important is it?” When I ask that question on some issue I feel “should be” perfect, I can do a step-back and look as how important is it to be perfect? I have found that trying to be perfect has held me back from attempting many things. I have found that it is better to do something, even if I do it imperfectly, than to try to determine the perfect way to do things. “How Important Is It” was a life changer for me.

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