Managing My Sweet-Tooth

I have a powerful sweet-tooth.  It should have a name of it’s own.  Like Beelzebub.  But seriously, because I love sugary treats, I have to be super smart to manage my cravings, while still enjoying desserts in moderation.  Here are some of my favorite tricks:

  1. Give it away.  This is my favorite trick because it means I get to enjoy a treat and the pleasure of sharing with MF-Blueberry Muffinssomeone else – neighbors, co-workers, and friends.  I use this most for breads and muffins.
  2. Hide it.  Out of sight, out of mind, right?  I have a penchant for hiding my chocolate away in places where I forget to look.  I once had a dark chocolate bar hidden in my knife drawer for two months.  I also hide it from my husband.  He has no willpower.  Ha!
  3. Freeze it. Like hiding, this works really well, but has the added bonus of making the dessert unappealing (rock hard cookies?), giving me time to change my mind (while it thaws), and making it inconvenient (since my deep freezer is in the basement).

Besides these silly mind-games, I also do have a few serious tips to offer:

Keep from getting overly hungry by eating meals and snacks at regular intervals (no skipping meals!).  This reduces my compulsion to grab the nearest easy food, which typically isn’t full of nutrition and is often a sweet item.  In contrast, regular meals and snacks tend to be made up of filling, fiber-rich, nutritious options.

Remain hydrated.  Lots of people mistake thirst for hunger and act accordingly.  By sipping on my water bottle throughout the day, I avoid this pitfall.

MF-PB CupDon’t say no every time.  I’m convinced that deprivation breeds obsession. By allowing myself to enjoy desserts and my favorite treats often, it’s easy to say no sometimes, because I always know that I’ll have plenty of future opportunities to enjoy them later.  When I do say no, I use the concept of “sensible portions” to help guide what I eat – no towers of treats, but a peanut butter cup, a cupcake, or a scoop of ice cream are definitely yeses.

What about you? What are your favorite tricks?

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