My Theme for 2016: Grow

I don’t usually choose a word or a theme for the year.  In fact, I’m not sure I have ever done that, but this year I did.  A little over two years since my son was born, I’m ready to grow again.  Not that I haven’t been growing – all of you Mammas out there know that I have.  But that growing has been born out of survival, trying to get my sea legs after birthing and nursing and sleep challenges and all of the hard, amazing, exhausting things that come in the first couple of years after a baby is born.  Now? Now, I’m ready to grow with intention.  To thrive instead of just survive.



Growing is no easy task and it can be painful.





I’m ready to grow again.  So my question for the year on every opportunity is this, “does this help me grow?”  Will saying yes to this thing help me grow as a person, as a dietitian, a mother, a wife, a believer?  Will it help me be healthier physically, emotionally, spiritually?  If the answer is no, then the answer needs to be no to that opportunity too.  I expect to pass up a lot of things.  I may even have to say no to some good things that just aren’t good for me right now.  But I’m also expecting to do some amazing things.  To really, truly experience some stretching growth.  By the way, I’m not naive, I know growing can be painful.  Most really good growth experiences are accompanied by some discomfort.  I’m willing.  I believe it’s worth it and I’m ready to grow.

Did you choose a theme or a word for 2016?  I’d love to hear yours.

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