Modern Mothering

Oh, Girlfriends! Being a Mother in 2018 is hard. Seriously, there are so many things to think about. Work, housekeeping, childcare, education, self-care, date nights, whatever. There are SO many things that can distract us and occupy our lives. It is so important  to consider how we approach our “jobs” as mothers. Balance is a struggle. The reality is that none of us do it perfectly, but we all do the best we can.

In this week’s Southern Fried Girlfriends podcast, we talked with my good girlfriend Kara Taylor about the challenges of Modern Mothering. Here’s a little about our girlfriend Kara:

Kara is a wife and mother of two daughters, age five and three. She has been a Nationally-Certified school psychologist for the past 15 years and primarily serves elementary-aged children. She is passionate about serving students that learn in unique ways or may have suffered trauma. Kara is also active in her church and has served as a small group leader for parenting and marriage ministries. In her spare time, Kara loves to run, explore outside, travel, cook, read, and attempt to catch up on lost sleep! 

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