Episode 3: How to Make Healthy Food Taste Great

What do you think of when you think of the phrase “Healthy Food”.  As a registered dietitian, I’m regularly reminded that people think food that tastes good can’t be healthy – and the other way around too. But I promise that healthy food can taste good. In our third episode, Dee and I talk about this myth and I share at least five things that I think help make eating healthy food super tasty. We had a lot of fun talking about this {my favorite} topic and we’re definitely going to inspire you to incorporate some “really basic things you can do to eat healthy that tastes great!”

  1. Eat more fruits and vegetable and (mostly) whole, intact grains.  Want to know what intact grains are and how to prepare them? Or want to know how I eat more fruits and vegetables that most Americans do? Better listen to this episode!
  2. Use herbs, spices, lemon, vinegar and salt to make your foods taste amazing! In the show, I give a ton of tips for how to get started using fresh herbs, including what goes with what.

Want more tips and some recommended resources to go deeper? Listen to the episode!

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